Do you think the Buggery Law should be?

The Safe House Homeless MSM Project 2009 a detailed look & more

In response to numerous requests for more information on the defunct Safe House Pilot Project that was to address the growing numbers of displaced and homeless men in Kingston in 2007/8/9, a review of the relevance of the project and the possible avoidance of present issues with some of its previous residents if it were kept open.
Recorded June 12, 2013; also see from the former Executive Director named in the podcast more background on the project: HERE
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Man chokes woman over alleged lesbian affair, bisexual woman told to leave her home & kids

A man was brought before the court In January 2014 for attacking his woman and choking her after he accused her of having a lesbian affair.

Dwight Henry was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he held down his female companion at their home and squeezed her neck, causing severe pain and swelling.

The court also heard that the complainant could not eat for days because of how swollen her throat was.

When he appeared in court, the complainant said that Henry attacked her after accusing her of cheating on him with the woman and that he was upset she had not told him of her secret woman on the side.

"He accused me, saying I was along with a lady and she and I was having relationship, and then attack me," she told the court.

Henry, however, did not deny her argument and pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $15,000.

If the fine is not paid, he will serve six months in prison. He has since paid the fine and the matter was to be heard again, she has since removed out of the house reportedly and hopes that the case closes altogether so she can get on with her life

Bisexual woman told to leave her home & kids

Another case of a man who has become supposedly uncomfortable with his female partner's alleged cheating with another woman. The victim who hails from Gregory Park in St Catherine said she told her male that she is bisexual but he agreed none the less to enter into an intimate union none the less provided no other partners affected their romantic union but some sexual contact was allowed.

The semi open relationship had been on for some time as she had a previous same sex union that she ended as the man did not approve of the particular woman in question, she is also the mother of a six year old son from a previous opposite sex union that ended some time ago, the man in question has allegedly contacted the father of the child and is said to be spreading disparaging remarks since this matter has surfaced.

The woman is now distraught as she seeks some redress on the issue and is engaged by a counsellor. 

Such are the challenges for bisexuals or polyamorous persons in Jamaica as time and time again we see issues such as this appearing.

also see a recent post I did on Open Relationships

Butch women interviewed on national television ...... lesbophobia, enlightenment or both?

Lady Switch Hitters & the Boyfriends who complain .

Peace & tolerance


Friday, March 28, 2014

Homosexuality in Africa - (Part 1)

Homosexuality in Africa - (Part 1) 

The common belief among Africans is that homosexuality is primarily a story of seduction by Europeans and/or Americans, in which the Africans acquiesced out of fear or from a desire for money. . . But we know that this is a lie, and this is an attempt to shed some light on our true history, that which our colonial masters had ensured was kept hidden from us. In the black/white relationships that did develop into homosexual unions, the white partner appears to have been the aggressor. No doubt the abuse of African people by European/American people has included sexual abuse. What is untrue, the lie, is that such abuse was the origin of African homosexuality.

There are two false assumptions in anthropology. The first false assumption is that savage or primitive people know nothing about homosexuality; the second false assumption is that Africans were savage or primitive. Where there was clear and indisputable evidence of African homosexuality, anthropologists had to invent excuses in order to save these false assumptions, and that is what they did.

The first excuse was that Africans learned homosexuality from the Arabs. Then the excuse was that Africans learned homosexuality by hustling Europeans. Anthropologists said homosexuality was only a corruption practiced by the overly rich chiefs. Then they said that poor people practiced homosexuality because the overly rich chiefs had monopolised all of the women in harems. They said it was only youthful high spirits: the African was not really homosexual; he was just real drunk last night. Every excuse you are likely to hear from a deep closet case was used by Euro-American academics in the attempt to explain away the facts. The facts were: homosexuality was found in almost every major African ethnic group that we know of, through all of the history we know of. Few of the societies of Africa could be called savage or primitive, but all over the world, those people who might fairly be called savage or primitive are perfectly familiar with homosexuality. Homosexuality is not the white man's way. It is the way of gay people of all colours and nations, of all places and times.

African Homosexuality

One common mistake made, is that of confusing the popularity of homosexual activity with what gay people are doing and how they are treated. In Azandeland, in modern day northern Congo and the Central African Republic, most men, or at least very many men, had homosexual affairs. However, most men were still expected to marry women, father children, and so forth. The Azande knew very well that some men preferred to have sex with other men. Although every man was expected to marry a women, Azande customs provided a man with an excuse to have sex with another man whenever he wanted, throughout life. Marriage between warriors and recruits was only a part of the Azande accommodation to male homosexuality. The Azande were not a liberal people. They were the rare example of a society that punished female homosexuality while imposing no penalty on males. Because it was thought fatal to any man who witnessed it, female homosexuality could, in theory, entail the death penalty. But in fact female homosexuality was common and the public knew about it. In an Azande folktale two women conspire to fool a husband in order to get together. The most common sexual activity between men was intercourse between the thighs. This sort of adaptation is common in cultures where homosexual affairs become fashionable among non-gay men. We do not know what the gay, or preferentially homosexual Azande did. We only know the Azande knew there were such men.

In societies where homosexuality becomes popular across the board, it is usual to find that older men choose unmarried young men and that the older men assume the role of top in these relationships. So it is perhaps instructive to look at two groups in Africa that went counter to that tendency. A good example of an African people with a tradition of male homosexuality between lovers of the same age was the Nyakyusa who lived north of Lake Malawi (aka Lake Nyasa). However important the family was in Africa, you cannot form strong states and vast empires such as Africa had, on the basis of family alone. Intermarriage helps some. But to build a strong state you must have forces that run across family lines, that hold the various families together, and that keep feuds and rivalries from tearing society apart. Various African societies have used various institutions to paste society together. There might be secret societies, like fraternities and sororities, especially in West Africa. There might be trade organisations or craft guilds. There may be dance associations or religious institutions. Very commonly, people are organised in age groups. The Nyakyusa of what is now southwestern Tanzania and northern Zambia carried organisation by age group to the extreme. They organised their villages by age group. One of the first things young Nyakyusa boys did, to show they were becoming responsible, was to herd cattle. Generally a boy and his best friend would herd their families' cattle together. Pasturing the cattle gave the boys plenty of time to play around. And, of course, what they did was to have sex. They danced together, engaged in mutual masturbation, anal sex, and intercourse between the thighs.

Oral sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual, was not very popular in traditional African societies. Most of them thought it was very bad. Oral sex or rape were considered serious crimes which might entail a cattle fine. All of the other things the boys did might get them a tongue lashing or a minor whipping if they were caught by the adults. But everyone knew what was going on and no serious attempt was made to stop the boys. At a fairly young age Nyakyusa boys had to move out of their fathers' homes. At first they were likely to sleep with other boys in abandoned huts or other bachelors' quarters in their fathers' villages. Boys slept together, and naturally had sex with each other at night. So long as force was not used, no crime was reckoned to have occurred when the boys had sex. For the boys, homosexuality was considered a perfectly normal, if not completely desirable, sexual outlet that required no explanation, supernatural or otherwise.

Eventually boys of the same age, perhaps from several parent villages, got together and began to form a village of their own. At first this was a boys' village. The girls remained in the parent villages until the boys reached a marriageable age. In a sense, Nyakyusa villages have a life cycle from boyhood through manhood to old age. A village is child to some other villages, parent to some villages, and brother to yet others.

Now, what do I mean by boys? In Africa you are a child until you become a boy. You remain a boy until you of an age to have a house, a female wife, and children of your own. Nyakyusa began having homosexual relations at 10 to 14 years of age. They seldom married before they were 25. So for ten to fifteen years of the most sexually active part of life, Nyakyusa men practiced homosexuality. Once they got married to women, and virtually all of them did, Nyakyusa men were supposed to stop having homosexual relations. Nonetheless, a few cases of relations between men and boys came to light. This was punishable by a cattle fine. It is said, however, that the men were not afraid of the fine, but of the shame of being caught in activity associated with witchcraft. In any event, Nyakyusa men did not believe it sacrificed their masculinity to perform anal sex in either position. They did not believe they were castrated in the middle of their burning skulls just because they had sex with their friends. Certainly the Nyakyusa public thought it peculiar if a man with a wife at home preferred to have sex with a man or boy, but that only raised questions of witchcraft, not questions of manhood.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tell Me Pastor responds to Disowned because of my bisexual lifestyle letter writer

It is been a while since I paid much attention to pastor Dumas's column in the Star News as I am still convinced that some of those letters are not real or edited in such as way to gain readership, now comes this entry on what is supposed to be a dejected bisexual and if we are to go by the Pastor's day job as a psychologist then he ought to have known that homosexuality has been removed from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, DSM long ago, 1973 in fact and that his personal religious views must never conflict with his profession.

Check out the letter firstly then his response below:

Dear Pastor,

I am a constant reader of your column and find your work very interesting. I believe the advice you give is accurate and straight to the point, so I am requesting your advice.

I am an 18-year-old male, living with my grandmother. most of my family is aware of the fact that I am bisexual. Ever since they found out, I have been expressing a do-not- care attitude to the world, meaning I don't care what anyone else thinks.

I am living my life the way I want to. I am a pre-university student. Before the Christmas holiday, I started to make some bad decisions. Apart from the life I live, I started to party every weekend and during the week, sometimes.

I have been consuming a lot of alcohol and smoking (not ganja)

Recently, my mother came from Canada and heard that I was with my boyfriend, coming from a club. My mother did not know of my sexuality.

We could not get a cab but, luckily, I saw my aunt and she took us home. She told my mother everything she saw.

My mom claimed she has disowned me. However, she never took care of me in the first place, so I don't let that be a bother to me.

I am indecisive as to what to do next because, in addition to my family knowing my lifestyle, the community I live in knows as well.

Please, express your thoughts on this matter.

Yours truly

Proudly confused
Pastor's response

Dear Proudly confused,

What are you proud about? If it is the lifestyle you love, why are you confused? You said you are bisexual and some of your relatives now know what you are doing. Your mother has decided to disown you. It is unfortunate she has taken that position. I suppose it has come as a shock to her.

Perhaps you do not believe what the Bible says about homosexuality. The Bible does not sanction that type of lifestyle. I can never encourage you to continue to make love with a person of your own sex. You may reject my suggestions but I believe God is able to change you. If you are determined to serve him, nothing is impossible for God to do.

I would, therefore, suggest you seriously consider seeing a Christian family counsellor or psychologist for professional help. I will be praying for you and I ask my readers to do the same.


So a Christian counsellor even in the face of clear evidence that homosexuality is not a disorder, really Pastor Duman? The repeated use of the word "lifestyle" in both the supposed letter and response is suspicious and disturbing as psychologists who are properly trained and even advocates who are exposed know that we are dealing with sexual orientation here as the "letter writer" did not give an indication of someone going through a phase or operation behaviourally bisexual which suggests they would be in such a practice merely for the fun of it due to previous same sex exposure in a situational setting or worse yet abuse.

We must call out these suspicious letters when we see them folks. A December 6th 2010 piece is available here from GLBTQ Jamaica Wordpress edition entitled "Tell Me Pastor" on bisexuality also treats bi issues as strange. Although we have gotten used to the pattern I think it is important to continue to track and point out these infractions coupled with the glaring inconsistencies at times as there are some folks who read Pastor Dumas's columns, blogs and follow his radio show ardently.

also see:

Tell Me Pastor recomends Restorative Psychology to Lesbian 2009

Another "Tell Me Pastor" Letter, (real or not?)

See the "Tell Me Pastor" tab immediately below this post for previous entries here as well.

Peace and tolerance


Monday, December 10, 2012

Betty Ann Blaine & foreign religious zealots continue their paranoia & misrepresentations of male homosexuality

While today is the fourteenth anniversary of JFLAG's founding and Human Rights Day the quiet from them and the other local rights groups is disturbing to myself and a few others while the religious zealots as certainly they are not Christian in the true sense are on a major campaign to now paint homosexuality as enemy number one while dishonestly linking the orientation on a whole to paedophilia yet again. The bigger issue ought to be how to live in a pluralistic society as it is inevitable than launching a Jamaicanised version of the Ugandan anti gay strategies. They have been getting increased foreign support in cash and otherwise with a British lawyer urging them to fight to keep buggery on the books, a Singaporean anti gay activist last year who gave a lecture on so called real rights and how to watch the "gay agenda," a Jamaican couple who supposedly lost a bid to foster children in the UK after becoming complacent and not following the change in the law their while refusing to teach tolerance overall which includes that for same gender loving teens and childrenLawyers'  Christian Fellowship President Shirley Richards continued anti gay thrust and paranoia over future gay marriage rights agitation from local LGBT groups when no such rights were asked for, she also seems to support tacitly support the controversial Ugandan "Kill Gays Bill" see more here:

Shirley Richards support Uganda “Kill Gays Bill?”

It was only on November 25th that the now very active Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS via a radio show confused homosexuality deliberately so it seems to push their anti gay agenda and the week prior to that, it was only in yesterday's Observer we saw another Jamaican this time a male teacher clearly showing his inability to adapt to rules in the UK education system complaining he was fired because he was a Christian and supposedly opposing homosexuality. See the story HERE, let us also not forget the Home and Family Life Curriculum Fiasco and the Reverend gentleman and Minister of Education's Pandering to the religious right sentiments more so than looking at the Urgent Need for Sex & Sexuality in our schools as I fear it is this lack of the subjects properly taught for generations why we have the levels of homophobia and homo-negativity. The gay lobby has been caught fiddling after all these years of struggle with the unexpected rise in power and presence by these groups of which I have been warning about for years, they became too complacent. Now comes another story this time in today's Gleaner: 'Shun Gay Lifestyle' - South African Pastor Warns Ja About Homosexual Lobby - 

Jodi-Ann Gilpin, Gleaner Writer ..............

A SOUTH African pastor on the weekend urged Jamaicans to become militant against acts of homosexuality, saying condoning such behaviours could lead to consequences of enormous proportions.
Pearl Kupe, who is also an attorney-at-law, was speaking at an international conference on human rights, international law and the family, held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston on Saturday.

"The LGBT group in South Africa doesn't only enjoy rights that every ordinary citizen has, but they have special rights and privileges," Kupe said.

South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. In December 2006, the country became the fifth country in the world, and the first in Africa, to legalise same-sex marriage. The country is considered a haven for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

"What we are seeing here is a nation that is hungry for power and will do anything to gain such power, even if it means isolating themselves from moral standards," Kupe told the conference.
She added: "They are willing to trade ethics, morality and values in exchange for global power and we cannot allow these things to infiltrate your country."

Jamaica's justice minister, Mark Golding, was guarded in his response when asked by The Gleaner to comment on Kupe's presentation.

"It's a very delicate issue because we don't want to endorse lifestyles that are not grounded in Christian values, but there are very compelling arguments on both sides," Golding said.

"On the table right now is the repeal of the buggery law which we have to carefully analyse, so I really don't want to say to much right now," he added. Kupe had used her presentation to appeal to members of the Church and civil society to help counter the spread of the homosexual lifestyle.

"We are not here by coincidence, this was ordained by God," Kupe said.
"We have to come together and get the stakeholders involved and mobilise the media because we can't leave here without coming up with a response plan because we are heading in a deadly direction."

Kupe said a LGBT charter, which is being considered in South Africa, is seeking to promote the universal acceptance of the gay lifestyle. She also claimed it is seeking to discredit anything or organisations that condemn homosexuality.

"What is happening now is that there is a strategy to get homosexuals in the schools and to also perpetuate homosexual propaganda at every opportunity," Kupe said.

"The LGBT is actually advocating for the teaching of homosexual behaviours in the schools, so I'm not just talking about education of homosexuals but making it an option in our schools," Kupe added.

The reverend lawyer also claims that homosexual behaviours are prevalent within places of worship.

"It is unlawful to discriminate against lesbian and gay men in church, mosque, temple, synagogues or other places of worship. This includes the right to worship at a place of their choice, right to be a member or a minister of religion regardless of sexual orientation," she said.

"But I want to make it clear that God is not a God of equality but a God of justice and, as Christians here in Jamaica, you have to make it known that Jamaica belongs to Jesus," she said.

photo not in original article ... added to make the point as it says

Children at risk

In the meantime, Betty Ann Blaine, convenor of Hear the Children's Cry, urged Jamaicans to say no to homosexuality.

"One of the threats to Jamaica is the argument to repeal of our buggery law, which is a challenge to all of us, not just Christians," Blaine said.

She added: "We can't possibly repeal the buggery law precisely at the same time when more and more of our children are being buggered."

During the run-up to last year's general election, Portia Simpson Miller, now prime minister, said she would support a conscience vote in Parliament on whether the buggery law should be repealed. 
Blaine said she is not prepared to sit back and allow Parliament alone to decide on the matter.

"I'm prepared to take this to the streets because the Parliament will not decide this. Any repeal to the buggery law must be be taken as a referendum and it's the people who must decide this," she said.

Jamaican gay activist Maurice Tomlinson yesterday described Kupe's address as "typical of the fear mongering that fundamentalists engage in to deny the human rights of homosexuals".

"Few, if any of their assertions, are supported by logic or evidence," Tomlinson said in an emailed response to The Gleaner.

According to Tomlinson, "Jamaica will continue to drive this vulnerable group underground with deadly consequences for public order and public health" if the human rights of homosexuals are ignored.

"Most tragically, homophobia forces some gay men to form relationships with women. This exposes the women, men, and any children of these unions, to untold physical and psychological harm. It is high time the Government showed leadership and put an end to this fanatical intolerance by reading down the anti-buggery law to decriminalise the private acts of consenting adults," Tomlinson said.



So we continue to see the paranoia and the unfortunate and downright dishonest linkage between adult male homosexuality, privacy and paedohpilia but why can't we repeal or decriminalize buggery and also have protections that already on the books strengthened similar to how the Irish did by having a Child Defilement Clause added to their Sexual Offences Bill?

Was Mr Tomlinson's response adequate enough or did the paper just edit what they thought was needed?

What are Betty and these other foreigners afraid of?

As for Kupe's remark about special rights, aren't there special rights for persons with disabilities or other groups, even children who ought to be and are protected have specific rights and legislation that offer protection, so what is different for specifically worded codes for LGBT people given the sensitivities involved? The aforementioned Child Defilement Clause as suggested would be one such special right/protection in one.

Does anyone notice the constant use of the term "homosexual lifestyle" by these persons, what a bigoted strategy but I am not surprised as the mantra for the JCHS blatantly espouses theocracy where it says: "Working for a Jamaican society in which Judeo-Christian values nourish and enrich the social, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health of all citizens." One of its founders Dr Wayne West operates a blog where he continuously says tolerance is equated to Jamaica accepting felching and fisting, another set of dishonest and unethical strategies to demonize male homosexuals via sexual practices when the contradiction sat right there on his blog where the overseas study's abstract he republished (he has posted many including very old ones) stated that it was a sub-group of msms who actually carry out such practices overseas more so in European cultures such as the biker and leather communities but apparently the attempt is being made to link those practices as normative in our gay culture, the depths these anti gay advocates will go to is disturbing.

Funny how years ago these same religious persons complained that the LGBT lobby had overseas aid and money and were importing a foreign lifestyle now it seems the religious right is actually using its own criticism as a strategy to push their gay agenda and all of a sudden these foreigners are not importing bigotry aided and abetted by so called Christians and a government who seems willing to roll over and have its stomach rubbed by these persons with tongue gleefully hung out like a happy dog.

Interesting also the hundreds of thousands spent on this campaign including expensive full paged ads in print media whilst the least amongst us just remains that, the least amongst us, what about our homeless and children, the boys who wipe car windows, the kids in lockups, do we see these so called religious zealots in the name of Christianity really helping those groups in a bid as they say for a healthy society? It is the things that are infront of us that must be addressed but if they have their way they'd be at our keyholes peeking to see who is pushing what in where. Sad for a country with a motto that says "Out of Many One People, rubbish, we are aeons away from such.

What would Jesus do?

HOMOSEXUALITY - A Biological Reality
HOMOPHOBIA - A Lifestyle Choice

Think on these things people, peace and tolerance.


additional reading: 

Rev Clinton Chisholm accused of pushing “bad science” in regards to ex-gay therapy

Thursday, August 16, 2012

'BISEXUAL CLAIM NOT TRUE' - J'cans bash recent survey report

UPDATE 6:49pm UNAIDS Caribbean has debunked the original story go HERE for more but still read on below as the discussion has already commenced so might as well we continue to raise the issue(s)

Well I sort of expected this biphobic reaction laced with anti-gay insinuations in a sense as it seems to be founded on a fear of persons being perceived to being on the downlow so as to avoid being outed as gay. There maybe some truth to that though as the gay for pay phenomenon is real, these days one only has to listen and hear the one liners in the latest dancehall songs hinting to supposed downlow men forcing or using wealth and materialism to "change" other men to commit same sex acts. I wondered aloud in a Facebook group if the study took into account behavioural bisexuality as well, which I doubt as bisexuality on a whole is not given the attention it deserves in general LGBT discourse or rights agitation and as for social interventions and recognition to double gender loving persons we know all too well the agencies here pay scant regard to that except for the occasional time as this or when bloggers mark the respective calender events.

One also has to take a look at how even the gay community views bisexuals or for all intents and purposes pansexual people who see no gay or bisexual label entrapping them. 

also see: 
Bisexual and pansexual identities often look the same

Lady Switch Hitters & the Boyfriends who complain ...

The Biphobia in the community (Gay, Lesbian) maybe higher than thought

Anyone remembers this cartoon when the Vybz first made the trek to the slammer?

Hence when issues/discussions like these come forth there is silence as all things gay and beautiful pervade the great and small all things wise and wonderful buggery repeal superceeds them all. This shows once again a clear lack of interest in general LGBT issues and not just the "G" in the struggle for recognition and rights. Bi-erasure and subsequent biphobia by default, a complaint raised by some community members for several years, where is the leadership?

see this older entry: “LGBT” advocates – nonengagement of bisexual issues = Biophobia by default

The Star News carried the following today in a follow up to the precursor to the Caribbean online study whose results are expected to be out by September of this year according to a recent communication with an officer close to the group responsible for its execution.

PAULA GORDON, Staff Reporter

Several Jamaicans are questioning the credibility of a recent study that claims that one in every four Caribbean men is a bisexual.

The online study conducted by the Caribbean Men's Internet Survey (CARIMIS) has become the hot topic on the lips of many persons since yesterday and has sparked some level of controversy.

About 2,560 men are said to have participated throughout 33 territories. This would possibly mean that the survey included men from Jamaica as well.

questioned credibility

Though the findings are preliminary, it was revealed that 15 per cent of those surveyed said they had sex with men but gave no labels, such as homosexual or bisexual to their acts.

Subsequent to the news being broken about the study, our news team sought to get some comments from several Jamaicans.

A number of the persons interviewed questioned its credibility and the sampling methods used.

Kirk Thomas, a bank employee, told THE STAR, "I don't believe in that survey because it doesn't identify the territories examined, ... one in every four ... my crew consist of 13 and mi sure I am not bisexual and none of my friends are so I can't agree with that survey."

Andrew Henry, a taxi man, expressed, "I know about myself, I don't think it is right. I think they did that survey down in the Lesser Antilles."

Interestingly, the gripping results have also resulted in numerous comments being left on Facebook.

Several males blasted the group that carried out the study on the social networking site.

One male wrote, "Lol ... these statistics are so dumb, would love to know how they came up with this ... The truth is we don't know squat, could be even more or less or not at all ... Personally I don't even accept it one out of four ... Come on."

Another wrote, "Not Jamaica ... Don't mix we up ... ."

On the other hand, several women proved to be more receptive to the findings.

One woman said, "Is true! Unno man is in denial"

In the meantime, THE STAR understands that the project, which was launched in November last year, was funded by the UNAIDS, the joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

It is expected that the results will be handed over to regional governments in short order.

article ends

Given the homo-negative and sometimes caustic environment here in Jamaica it only stands to reason why same gender loving men overall tend to be closeted in a sense and take on heterosexual partners even have offspring so as to take the social pressure of their backs, the proverbial why don't you have a child yet or girlfriend taunts from parents or sibblings. Is it time we begin to have a serious national discussion on coming out and remaining out and also here on the rock instead of having to run or seek asylum elsewhere? be you of whatever sexual orientation, it is time we start living our truths?

Bigger issues here are on the horizon to me than just a survey on how many bisexuals that there are.

All of a sudden the Star News "Tell Me Pastor" has a letter from a man claiming his female partner is a deceptive bisexual, how convenient, see more here: Deceptive bisexual one wonders is these letters are real sometimes.
Peace and tolerance


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One in four Caribbean men bisexual – survey


There seems to be some foul up going on here as the original information was as follows:

Almost one in four Caribbean men today describe themselves as bisexual, a new study suggests.
The preliminary findings of the regionwide Caribbean Men’s Internet Survey (CARIMIS) are in stark contrast to the Caribbean’s traditional image of a macho society with sparse tolerance for homosexuality.

“We have a fair population in the Caribbean that identify as bisexual. Across the entire sample … about 20 to 23 per cent say they are bisexual,” facilitator of the CARIMIS project and director of UNAIDS, Caribbean Regional Support Team, Ernest Massiah said.
The CARIMIS study is being touted as the “largest sample” of the Caribbean MSM (men who have sex with men) population of its kind, done via Internet—surveying 2,560 men throughout 33 territories in the region.

Massiah also revealed that 15 per cent of the men did not define themselves in any category. Although they engaged in sexual activity with other men, they “do not want a label”, he said.
According to the director, the most “shocking” aspect of the study involves the amount of physical and verbal abuse and visual intimidation levied against MSMs in their respective countries.
“What we are seeing across the region is that between five and 10 per cent of people have been assaulted because they were perceived to have a different sexual orientation,” Massiah said.

In some nations half of the MSM population identified with being verbally abused and visually intimidated.
“What we are seeing is that as a society, if you have a sexual orientation that is perceived as different, you can be physically abused and in a lot of cases you receive verbal abuse,” he said.

For the first time, the study identified a new population of men – the educated MSM man.
“We are getting a population that we have not been able to get data from before, that is men with secondary and tertiary level education. We have a very educated sample here,” the director said.

Previously, face-to-face surveys were the norm, but only accessed “certain members” of the MSM population. Massiah said that the use of the Internet and redefining their target populations was the key to the survey’s success.

“It is a good way of doing research because you can get to people in a much quicker way than you would have if you tried to do an interview with an individual person,” he added.
The study’s results will be given to governments of participating nations to help develop policies and initiatives that will protect and service the MSM community.

The UNAIDS-funded initiative was launched online last November and concluded in June.
The MSM population is defined by the survey not only as openly gay men but also men who do not self-identify as gay or bisexual but participate in sexual activities with other men. The survey is being implemented throughout the English, French, Spanish and Dutch speaking Caribbean countries.

The survey is now closed and will be out by October.

New developments - August 16, 2012

After communicating directly with the UNAIDS Caribbean media representative to verify the story yesterday via email the following Press Statement was sent to me from their Trinidad office as other media outlets had it wrong it seems, the problem is the damage has been done but let's make it right as local discourse is already high since the story broke with even our Jamaica Observer carrying the piece:


MSM data due by the end of October

PORT OF SPAIN, 16 August, 2012— UNAIDS Caribbean wishes to debunk a news story circulating in the regional media over the last 24 hours under the headline “One in every four Caribbean men bisexual”. The story’s claim that a UNAIDS study found that quarter of the region’s men are bisexual, is misleading and of no merit.

The Caribbean Men’s Internet Survey—the first ever online study of men who have sex with men (MSM) in the region—has not yet been finalised as country-specific data are currently being analysed. Of the overall sample (of MSM who responded to the survey), 23 percent declared themselves to be bisexual. This is far different from one in four Caribbean men being bisexual as suggested in the story. Additionally, the sample size of the survey was 3,566 and not 2,566 as the report stated.

Findings will be finalised by the end of October 2012 and will be released to the regional media directly through the UNAIDS Caribbean Regional Support Team. For factual information on the study methodology and preliminary findings please visit


UNAIDS Caribbean | Cedriann Martin | tel. +868 623-7056 ext. 283 / +868 371-7195 |

UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, is an innovative United Nations partnership that leads and inspires the world in achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. Learn more at and


My question is who made these grave errors in numbers and the time of the study's release? UNAIDS, the media or is Dr Massiah The Regional Director as quoted is being reigned in as he has been saying alot lately, case in point his pronouncements that the PNP, Peoples National Party offers hope for repealing the buggery law while revealing his hand that he has had conversations with three sitting unnamed Prime Ministers (to be named), an observation I made that he should have held that to his chest while continuing the talks.

 here is the actual newscast on the PNP matter from Nationwide News

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Police woman charged for assault & wounding for attacking her lover ......................

(originally posted as awaiting charges March 27, 2012)
A female police officer who is a member of the ISCF, Island Special Constabulary Force has found herself in trouble with the law yesterday March 28, 2012 after she allegedly returned home from work before her regular hours to find her partner in a compromising position with a man who hailed from another area. 

The couple who resides in the Tivoli Gardens area has been known to be having issues for some time in their relationship as reports also suggests there have been public spats before between the two on more than one occasion. It has been rumoured her lover is actually bisexual and has been seeing male companions whilst the policewoman is away at work.

She has also had some issues with other persons in the area due to her status as a police officer reports also suggest. The police woman has been in custody as confirmed since yesterday at the Duhaney Park Precinct and maybe charged soon. It is also alleged that persons from the area and neighbouring apartments have visited the station in an attempt to humiliate her, namely friends of the man who her female partner was allegedly caught in the act with. The police however were said to have warned persons not to come to the station for those purposes and she maybe moved to an undisclosed location according to sources if the practice persists. 

After turning her rage on her cheating lover who created an alarm in the community the policewoman was cornered by her flat that she shared with her hubby and set upon by residents in the area and allegedly beaten before she was handed over to the police who arrived to break up the mobbing in time according to reports. She sustained hits to the face and upper body but was escorted to the car that arrived with persons jeering and condemning her action against her lover. Comments made by some of the persons suggests that people in general cheat and she should not have treated the young lady as if she were her man, dictating what she should do or who she should sleep with. Other persons were overheard to have said they should not be allowed to return to the area and the typical anti gay sentiments were also uttered in the form of no sodomite. no battyman and several others.

This incident comes on the heels of a public brawl recently with two other same gender loving ladies at a business complex recently in the business district after relationship issues came to a head, the incident which is still the subject of discussion in some social circles occurred in February of this year after a series of messages supposedly from an outsider interest in the same gender loving union caused a heated argument at one of the party's place of work where it ended up with the security detail of the office was called to escort the visiting party much to the humour of the shocked co-workers who laughed uncontrollably according to reports at the cursing women.

To have relationship fallouts spill into the public domain can have disastrous effects as the previous case has shown luckily the latter referenced was handled with more care it would seem on the surface based on reports. As at the creation of this post it is not yet clear if the accused policewoman has been charged but given the sensitivity of the issue being homosexuality in general and the major image problems the police has been having with a major human rights group launching a public stand against police abuses and killings she may be used as a poster child I fear. 

Unfortunately we also do not have any serious relationship counseling interventions as well to assist same sex couples in navigating life especially a couple as this residing in an inner city community with all kinds of prying and suspicions lurking that they could have avoided all together. Case in point an attempted suicide in 2010 that was carried by a tabloid newspaper and that was subsequently confirmed by myself and others which shows an urgent need for professional services for persons in long term same sex relationships.

See previous post click HERE

It is most unfortunate that this incident turned out the way it has and one hope she does not suffer too much due to her  error in judgement and that this can pass for both parties involved, the other woman is said to have kept a low profile since then as she is described as a "born and grow" meaning she is originally from the area so she has been circumspect in her moving, she is said to have visited the station but it is not yet known if a report has been filed by her so as to expedite the charges to be laid on the accused. 

UPDATE: She has been charged Yesterday Monday April 2, 2012.

The female police officer who is accused of chopping her female lover with a machete following claims that the complainant was having an affair with a man was remanded in court last Thursday until April 19.

Charged with wounding with intent is Sharnalee Lindsay, who is a member of the Island Special Constabulary Force.

It was also revealed in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court that the medical report is outstanding and the whereabouts of the complainant is unknown.

The Crown is alleging that on March 27, Lindsay and the complainant left home together and went to a location on Marcus Garvey Drive in the Corporate Area where Lindsay lured the complainant into bushes.

It is further being alleged that Lindsay used a machete to chop the complainant all over her body causing wounds that bled.

The Crown also pointed out that in the complainant's statement, she explained that she and the accused were in a very close relationship but she told the defendant that she was now with a male which angered the defendant.

However, Lindsay's attorney, C.J. Mitchell,dismissed the allegations put forward by the Crown and argued that it was Lindsay who was the actual victim.

Mitchell rebutted that his client and the complainant were not in an intimate relationship but were only close friends.

At the same time, he argued that on the day of the incident, it was the complainant who lured his client into bushes where she and a third party, who is now on the run, attacked Lindsay.

Peace and tolerance


Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Tell Me Pastor" on Bisexual swinger & switch hitting ll.......

The latest entry in the Star News Tell Me Pastor series looks at a bizarre case of a young lady (the letter writer) who found out her male hubby was a switch hitter in a sense and wanted more than just a passing fancy with both sexes while including here in the mix. 

Couple Swinging is also a feature here and there have been talk of it becoming more pronounced here in Jamaica but usually with ground rules of the extent of sexual contact and certainly not with the crossing of the sexes in as far as the accounts of the oral histories told to me.

First please see the letter from the tabloid:

My boyfriend is swinging both ways

Dear Pastor,

First of all let me tell you what a great job you are doing. Please keep up the good work. I do not know what to do. I am a 25-year-old. I left high school with honours and went to a local university. But despite pressure from my father to do medicine, I chose to study finance. I think I live an ok lifestyle here in Kingston.

The problem is, I have had a boyfriend for the past five years. He is a really nice guy. He parties a lot and attends all the major parties in Kingston and Negril. Recently, he went to a well-known club in Kingston and met some 'new friends', both males and females. They live in Kingston as well.

They invited him to a private party not far from where I live. I decided not to be "nuff" and allowed him to go alone. A few days after, he started asking me to have these new friends (three girls and two guys) to join us in bed during sex. I allowed it once for the 'fun of it'. During that one instance, he forced me into having sex with the girls that came. While these girls were pleasuring me, I noticed one of the males passionately caressing his body and the other performing oral sex on him. I was too drunk during the session to intervene, so I let it pass.

I made mention of it to him recently and he got upset. He said that if I ever mention it to anyone else, he would kill my sister and me. He is one of those 'garrison yutes' and he said if anyone found out, he would have to leave his area as well as Jamaica.

I do not know what to do. My sister is a counsellor and she is the only one who knows about the incident. He keeps telling me he wants us to do it again, this time with only the guys. I have no choice but to believe that he is now gay. I cannot leave him, as I am afraid of what he will do to me, as he has showed me his gun before as a threat. I need help.


Pastor's response 

Dear M.,

I suggest that you leave this man forthwith. And you need not be scared about his threats. You have been fortunate to have a good education, but you have associated yourself with a man who has no class. He is not a good man. A good man will not force his woman (and my emphasis is on force) to have sex with his friends, both males and females. You made a big mistake in agreeing to participate in such sex party. These people used liquor to break down your inhibition so that they could have had their way with you. You should not do so again regardless what your so-called boyfriend says. And you should report him to the police without fear.

You claim that he has a gun and that he is a 'ghetto yute'. There are many 'ghetto yutes' who repudiate any form of homosexual practice, and that is why he does not want people in his area to know what he has become. Be strong. Don't allow this man to intimidate you. Don't give him the impression that you are afraid of him.


Clearly the hint to the man being a ghetto yute touches on down low thug culture that is fast becoming public knowledge but with a disdain added to it. The dangers as well of this kind of swapping and or swinging under the influence of alcohol is indeed dangerous that I will agree with and will impair ones judgement but the controversial issue of trust in relationships be they mixed or heterosexual is an underlying factor as well. Most persons would rather be told of their partner's choice than to find out later through some indiscretion or accident. If the letter writer never volunteered she may not have known so the knowledge may not be so much of a curse for her as she can take the needed precautions including condom use if she agreed to continue meeting his requests or demands as they  become more as instructions under duress, they she may not be able to negotiate condom use. 

I am not sure about the reporting of the police section as suggested to the letter writer as thug type same gender sex engagers do not like their issues exposed in any way shape or form and are ruthless in going to great lengths to keep them so secret.

Certainly the gay community has expressed deep mistrust when it comes to bisexuals as they are deemed incapable of being faithful to a single partner by virtue of their wide tastes in both genders.

Coincidental that her sister however happens to be a counselor but still this letters reaches Pastor Dumas and is published, group sex is not uncommon across Jamaica in regards to the second wish with the other parties being all male by the her male switch hitter but the matter of consent here is crucial. The first instance according to the letter writer was done at her own recognizance but certainly she should have expected the request would have come again after noticing the intimacy between himself and the other male. The red flag should have been raised from there. Why didn't she object from the get go? 

Why stay with him then? is it the usually dependency issue that many women face as these men support them financially so they remain to continue gaining benefits?  

also see: Lady Switch Hitters & the Boyfriends who complain … for an opposite take on switch hitting.

There have been a few other instances that have come to public attention of this nature but is not spoken of openly, I strongly suggest that bisexual issues and behavioural bisexuality also be added to the slew of subjects towards LGBT advocacy and rights as there are cross cutting issues that cannot go unnoticed or swept under the rug.

Walk good

Peace & tolerance


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shirley Richards on Truth On Sodomy And Sex Diseases


After another hiatus Miss Richards of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship strikes again of course following on the recent news and ari time the Gay community has been getting in the challenge launched by a coalition of rights activists and AIDSFREEWORLD, The LCF were the ones who basically got the Buggery Law kept on the books in the late nineties when a more active Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG made a parliamentary submission. 

Here is her letter to the Gleaner published today:

Truth On Sodomy And Sex Diseases


 At the recently held Common-wealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia, among the issues was a call for all member states to repeal sodomy laws. The laws being referred to are found in 41 of the 54 member states. While the report calls for the repeal of these laws, it frames the issue as one of disease control, stating that such laws "impede the effective response of Commonwealth countries to the HIV/AIDS epidemic". The Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group is reported to have "blamed the British influence on the former colonies for high rates of HIV/AIDS.

Most of these countries outlaw homosexual practices, which the rival French empire legalised in 1791". The reference to France in this context is interesting, for if what I have been told is correct, in France, there is full access to all the antiretroviral drugs. Moreover, such drugs are free. One would expect to find that HIV/AIDS is a non-issue among homosexuals there. Spread among msm Instead, French researchers reported in the Lancet Infect Dis (October 2010): "HIV transmission seems to be out of control in the MSM population." Reports in medical journals indicate that this is generally the situation in Europe as well as Australia.

 In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports: "The sexual health of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in the United States is not getting better despite considerable social, political and human rights advances. Instead of improving, HIV and STIs remain disproportionately high among MSM and have been increasing for almost two decades." In light of the foregoing, it is inexplicable that leaders of countries which are experiencing these challenges would be trying to foist them upon other members of the Commonwealth. Should it not be the reverse?

 Kingston 10

- Miss Shirley Richards 

Why are you still linking HIV/AIDS to be a gay disease?

Antiretroviral therapy does not cure or definitively control the viral loads of infected persons even when they have found the comfortable cocktail mix or HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapies) that work for each person, strict adherence is also a KEY requirement. ARVs are not like diabetic or high pertension drugs where the three or four standards ones available for e.g Metformin can apply to almost everyone while it's just a matter of dosage levels and timing or where someone can miss some doses, it is far more complex than that with HIV. To simply suggest as you have that ARVS should fix the infection problem in MSMs is disingenuous. Access to ARV or HAART alone in your argument is after the fact where someone is positive already if you want to argue about ARVs as a prevention method which coincidentally is a debate raging in the certain parts of the research community about using ARVS for HIV negative persons to take prior to sex so as to mitigate a person contracting the virus then properly do so and get the facts before you pen these letters pleaase. 

 Men who have sex with men not only practice anal sex as you would like to believe but there are outercoursal practices as well though possibly lesser done in our highly sexualised society such as mutual masturbation and intercrural sex aka gay missionary which the penis is NOT inserted in the excretory orifice but placed between the legs as is commonly known on the streets as "leggins" which is also practiced by HETEROSEXUAL couples when the female is seeing her "monthly" but her male partner wants some sort of sexual play, this is then used as an alternative. 

 Yes the infection rates are high in the MSM populations locally and are expected to climb this year after a recent study but there are many interventions that are tackling that and also literally over the counter items and cleansing agents that can help to mitigate that which may include in the near future microbicidal technology that like some spermicides on condoms can kill viruses before during and after the sex act despite sexual orientation. Vaginal microbicides for example are already being tested and proven to a certain extent in the US and Africa which include elements of some of ARVs you alluded to (tenofovir). 

The prevention messages and interventions on the ground are impeded by the law presently on the books simply because of the act of buggery the outreach officers, social workers and agencies cannot directly handle some of the advocacy issues that attend to these populations coupled with the stigma associated with the law and the Leviticusal rhetoric the religious fanatics throw at the same gender loving community, the difficulties encountered by individuals to access care and treatment despite some enlightenment .... theocracy has no place here Miss Richards. If we are out of many one people as a nation then let's live it instead of trying to cock block me or any other man (including non gay men who practice anal sex with men and other women) who wants to practice or live as a homosexual providing he is not interfering with others rights and privileges. What are you afraid of, do you think gay men in particular are somehow going to penetrate every butt they see or go after children especially boys when you know fully well that paedophilia is NOT the same as consenting same sex adults attracted to each other.? 

 Some people are gay ............. Get over it .............. 

 When last I checked however Jamaica was not named as one of those possible states to loose this funding avenue that the UK Prime Minister Mr. Cameron has proposed or threatened to remove. It seemed more targeted at African states and while it may seem as an imposition take a look at it seriously, the umpteen asylum seekers from that continent due to persecution because of stigma and homophobia, the violence in some instances far more pronounced and graphic than ours and to talk about imposition the use of powerful religious figures there funded by American conservatives to push the anti gay messages while reinforcing hate and then they like you say you are Christians, your purpose as far as I see it when one publicly accepts Christ is to win souls for the kingdom not pry through my keyhole or cockblocking, the particular "Sin" of the temperal body for that soul is not your concern, leave all judgement to God. I also suggest you do some proper research and analysis of the difference between a paedophile and hebephile and an adult male homosexual disinterested in boys or pre-pubescent persons or hire a non partisan expert in the social sciences or psychological fields to guide you and your team at the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. 

 Peace and tolerance 


Friday, October 7, 2011

Kartel on lockdown and that suggestive cartoon .....


A reader suggested that the LGBT community and by extension the advocates and influentials should respond to this newspaper cartoon as to the suggestive nature of it given the salivating prisoners beckoning to the dancehall prince Vybz Kartel. Obviously what is also clear is the subtle correlation to bleaching males or men who lighten their skin as being gay or involved in same sex activity with the clear indication to my mind of subsitutional sex playing an active role where the prisoner in the foreground says "Psst Babygirl" Clovis seems more in tune with the real world than Lasmay the Gleaner's cartoonist and is not afraid to push the envelope especially with same sex related matters. We know that gay sex happens in our penal systems but we do not want to talk about it, I am afraid there is coming a day when we are going to have no choice but to do so. There are roles for certain types in the prison system seeing we do not have the solitary confinement type rehabilitation structure locally seven or more men can find themselves in one sometime 10 X 20 cell sharing on toilet or bike as we call it here and everything else, the browning phenomenon introduced to us by artist Buju Banton in the heterosexual realm carries over to the underground and those same rules of dominance or passive behaviour applies, whether the driving factors that lead to same sex behaviour are that of psychological control and dominance are yet to be explained and explored in our context given our special type of gangster culture.

Is Clovis being disingenuous here by linking the parts to Ybz Kartel or is he going overboard?

I have written about situational homosexuality in previous posts in layman's terms of course but it is quite easy to comprehend. Situational, or “emergency” homosexuality is commonly defined as sexual activity with partners of the same sex that occurs not as part of a innate same gender love or orientation but because the participants happen to find themselves in a single-sex environment for a prolonged period.

Some single-sex environments that frequently become venues for situational homosexuality include prisons, military bases, ships at sea, convents and monasteries, athletic teams on tour, and boarding schools and colleges. Situational homosexual behavior is so common in these venues that in some cases nicknames have been created for those who indulge in it; for example “rugger-buggers” on rugby teams, “jailhouse turnouts” in prisons, and “lugs” for “lesbians until (college) graduation.” or in a local context “the shop” “bugga house” or other less common names but known to those who practice this kind of same sex contact.

The idea of situational same-sex sexual activity is not a modern one. An essay by Josiah Flynt, published in 1899, told of situational sex among the male American hobos with whom he traveled. From the armies of Alexander the Great to the trenches of World War I to Desert Storm, male soldiers have taken comfort in each other’s arms; and from harems to convents to boarding schools, women who were forcibly separated from men have been finding each other for centuries. Situational homosexual experience can range from the frightening, such as prison rape and sexual domination, to the comfortable, such as the lesbian experimentation that occurs within the relative safety of a college campus.
Some social analysts believe that the concept of situational homosexuality is used to reinforce homophobia and biphobia by allowing those who perform homosexual acts in same-sex environments to continue to define themselves as heterosexual.Often participants in same-sex activity in single-sex environments are differentiated between “true homosexuals” and those who retain the assumption of heterosexuality. In such cases, it is usually the “true homosexuals” who are stigmatized, while their partners are not. In making such a distinction, homophobia is reinforced even as same-sex sexual activity may be tolerated.

Although situational homosexuality is often both tacitly expected and to some degree tolerated, it is also expected to remain clandestine. When such homosexual activity is made public, even in venues where virtually everyone knows it is happening, punishment is usually swift and severe, though often the brunt of punishment is borne by the participant who is considered the “true homosexual” rather than the presumably heterosexual partner who ostensibly participates in same-sex activity only because of his or her situation. In 2008 Minister of Justice Hon Dorothy Lightbourne addressed a church service where she outlined figures of male victims of rape she said among other things under the topic “Embracing Victims……Enhancing Communities” ..... "A summary of the island wide national statistics of clients served by Victim Support Unit officers during the past three years paints a disturbing picture. In 2005, Victims Support Unit officers saw six thousand eight hundred and fifty-six (6856) new cases involving females. In 2006 the numbers of clients jumped to 7436 and 7369 in 2007, while 2318 clients were seen for the period January to April this year. This translated to 580 more clients or an eight percent increase for 2006, and 513 more clients or a seven per cent increase in 2007. For the same period under review, male clients served by the VictimSupport Unit were 2395, 2711, and 2582 respectively while 1072 male victims were seen for the first quarter-January to April 2008."

This suggests a serious set of problems that are not being looked at.

Let us not forget the horrible prison riots that was caused by simple deliberations of distributing condoms in prisons which was met with great resistance from the prison authorities.

In 1997, Lieutenant Colonel John Prescod(left in photo), then Commissioner of Corrections, suggested that condoms be distributed in the prisons as a means of stopping the spread of HIV. The suggestion sparked a riot that claimed the lives of 16 prisoners, some of whom were accused of being homosexuals and as it turns out many who died weren't actually gay but prior rivalry and a golden opportunity for a disturbance led the way to the attacks. The National AIDS Committee had recommended again in 2000 to the then Peoples National Party administration launch Mandatory medical examinations for all inmates, segregation of HIV positive inmates, legal conjugal visits, a health education programme for the prison, and permission for terminally ill patients to be allowed to die at home, were also among the recommendations made to the Government which were ignored.

Dr. Raymoth Notice (right in photo above) medical expert in the penal system had said at the time, "...We recognise that the incidence of HIV is increasing in the general population and not only that, studies have shown that the incidence of AIDS in prison is six to 10 times greater in prisons than in the general population," also he continued "the level of homophobia and ignorance as well as the lack of resources have hampered the education process a whole lot. Before we even get to the condom issue it is important first and foremost to educate the population about AIDS. But everyone has been too afraid to do anything since the riots. There is no analysis being done, no reliable data, inmates are leaving with the disease and taking it back to their communities."
Lambert Brown, the UAWU's the then first vice-president, had said that although he was still opposed to condom distribution in prisons, he had nothing against the other recommendations made.
"The fight against AIDS is not based solely on condom distribution," Mr. Brown said. "Those who are promoting condoms in prison are using the back door to promote homosexuality which is illegal." here suggesting fear.Many blame the wardens who are maybe inclined towards predatory homosexual behaviour as a form of control, a study conducted in Australian prisons found that prison rape was experienced by at least 10% of male prisoners aged 18-25, with a small number of these victims reporting sexual assault on a daily basis. However, author Jeremy Prichard (2000) has contended that the incidence and frequency of prison rapes depends upon the unique social climate and institutional culture of the specific prison, and whether or not the prison houses certain individuals who may promote or spread sexually-abusive attitudes and the acceptance of prison rape within the prison subculture. Prison rapists, according to Prichard, sexually-abuse other inmates to gain a more powerful position in the prison sexual hierarchy, known as the "pecking order," and it is these "prisoner leaders" that must be targeted by correctional staff wishing to curb the incidence of prison rape. It is these individuals that "rule the roost," and maintain their dominance over their sex-slaves as an expression of their power and masculinity.

It is known in some circles that sex takes place in our local prisons despite the denial by the warden community and the authorities probably in fear of public repudiation as the sensitive subject of male homosexuality can cause sparks to fly. The problem of HIV/AIDS in our prisons is also of concern (figures to be properly ascertained as best as possible) but we know that the cases have increased, did the inmates go in with it in their window period or contract same during their stay at the respective institutions?

also see:

Peace and tolerance


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War of words between pro & anti gay activists on HIV matters .......... what hypocrisy is this?

War of words between pro & anti gay activists on HIV matters .......... what hypocrisy is this?

A war of words has ensued between gay lawyer (AIDSFREEWORLD) Maurice Tomlinson and anti gay activist Dr Wayne West as both accuse each other of lying or being dishonest, when deception has been neatly employed every now and again by all concerned, here is the post from Dr West's blog

This is laughable to me as both gentleman have broken the ethical lines of advocacy respectively repeatedly especially on HIV/AIDS and on legal matters concerning LGBTQ issues

The evidence is overwhelming readers/listeners, you decide.

Urgent Need to discuss sex & sexuality II

Following a cowardly decision by the Minister(try) of Education to withdraw an all important Health Family Life, HFLE Manual on sex and sexuality I examine the possible reasons why we have the homo-negative challenges on the backdrop of a missing multi-generational understanding of sexuality and the focus on sexual reproductive activity in the curriculum.

Calls for Tourism Boycotts are Nonsensical at This Time

(2014 protests New York)

Calling for boycotts by overseas based Jamaican advocates who for the most part are not in touch with our present realities in a real way and do not understand the implications of such calls can only seek to make matters worse than assisting in the struggle, we must learn from, the present economic climate of austerity & tense calm makes it even more sensible that persons be cautious, will these groups assist when there is fallout?, previous experiences from such calls made in 2008 and 2009 and the near diplomatic nightmare that missed us; especially owing to the fact that many of the victims used in the public advocacy of violence were not actual homophobic cases which just makes the ethics of advocacy far less credible than it ought to be.

See more explained HERE from a previous post following the Queen Ifrica matter and how it was mishandled

Newstalk 93FM's Issues On Fire: Polygamy Should Be Legalized In Jamaica 08.04.14

debate by hosts and UWI students on the weekly program Issues on Fire on legalizing polygamy with Jamaica's multiple partner cultural norms this debate is timely.

Also with recent public discourse on polyamorous relationships, threesomes (FAME FM Uncensored) and on social.

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Violence and venom force gay Jamaicans to hide

Violence and venom force gay Jamaicans to hide a 2009 Word focus report where the history of the major explosion of homeless MSM occurred and references to the party DVD that was leaked to the bootleg market which exposed many unsuspecting patrons to the public (3:59), also the caustic remarks made by former member of Parliament in the then JLP administration. The agencies at the time were also highlighted and the homo negative and homophobic violence met by ordinary Jamaican same gender loving men. The late founder of the CVC, former ED of JASL and JFLAG Dr. Robert Carr was also interviewed. At 4:42 that MSM was still homeless to 2012 but has managed to eek out a living but being ever so cautious as his face is recognizable from the exposed party DVD, he has been slowly making his way to recovery despite the very slow pace

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Steps to Take When Contronted or Arrested by Police

a) Ask to see a lawyer or Duty Council

b) Only give name and address and no other information until a lawyer is present to assist

c) Try to be polite even if the scenario is tensed) Don’t do anything to aggravate the situation

e) Every complaint lodged at a police station should be filed and a receipt produced, this is not a legal requirement but an administrative one for the police to track reports

f) Never sign to a statement other than the one produced by you in the presence of the officer(s)

g) Try to capture a recording of the exchange or incident or call someone so they can hear what occurs, place on speed dial important numbers or text someone as soon as possible

h) File a civil suit if you feel your rights have been violatedi) When making a statement to the police have all or most of the facts and details together for e.g. "a car" vs. "the car" represents two different descriptions

j) Avoid having the police writing the statement on your behalf except incases of injuries, make sure what you want to say is recorded carefully, ask for a copy if it means that you have to return for it

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