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In response to numerous requests for more information on the defunct Safe House Pilot Project that was to address the growing numbers of displaced and homeless men in Kingston in 2007/8/9, a review of the relevance of the project and the possible avoidance of present issues with some of its previous residents if it were kept open.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Is There Biphobia in the Lesbian Community?

Possible answers to the question above lies within this post but given our ticklish scenario in Jamaica of rampant homophobia and high incidence of so called "down low" or latent homosexuality and related activities by both sexes it is hard to pin point what is really the picture of bisexuality here. I have met more female bisexuals than male in my comings and goings and have had "straight sex" a long time ago but I guess that's due to the tolerated levels of lesbianism to begin with so the ladies are more comfortable in identifying as such. It is no secret that lesbianism as entertainment is widespread despite the homophobic nature of our nation, we know where to find the clubs that openly offer such on stage shenanigans from exotic dancers.

Even if a Jamaican man is bisexual he may not want to disclose to his male lover of gay friends that easily as they may dismiss him as confused or looking for refuge from his homosexuality in straight sex. Boi it's a web here, probably there are far more deeper complex issues that a more qualified authority would have to help me piece together. This is just my two cents.

Bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap. There are many myths and misconceptions about bisexual women. This article will attempt to dispel some of the myths about bisexual women.

1. Myth: Bisexual Women are Really Straight
Fact: Bisexual women are attracted to both men and women. Some bisexual women are more attracted to women. Others are more attracted to men. Some are equally attracted to both men and women. Where ever they fall in the spectrum, a bisexual woman is someone who enjoys intimacy with both men and women.

2. Myth: Bisexual Women are Really Lesbians
Fact: Some women may come out as bisexual before they come out as lesbian because either they're not really sure what they are, or they may think bisexuality is more acceptable than being a lesbian. Bisexuality can be a pathway to coming out as lesbian, but it is not always the case. Conversely, some women may come out as lesbian, but then realize that bisexuality is a more authentic identity.

3. Bisexual Women are Sexually Confused
Fact: There is a belief in both the straight and lesbian community that bisexuals cannot make up their minds which sex they want to be with. Usually it is the straight and gay people who are confused. The bisexuals know who they like: both men and women!

4. Bisexual Women are Promiscuous
Fact: Because bisexual women are attracted to both sexes, some people assume that they are more sexually promiscuous than other people. The truth is, bisexual women are as diverse as the rest of the population. Some may be having all kinds of sexual experiences, others may not have had any sexual relationships at all.
5. Bisexuals will Never Settle with one Person
Fact: Along with other myths about bisexuals is they myth that they will never settle with one sex because they will always be thinking about the other sex. The truth is bisexuals have as much ability to be monogamous as anyone.

Why Is There Biphobia in the Lesbian Community?

Why Are Some Lesbians Leery of Bisexuals?

Answer: Simply put, bi-phobia is the fear or hatred of bisexuals and bisexuality. That is in its blatant form. But bi-phobia can be much more subtle. The above statement about not dating bisexuals, that could be a result of bi-phobia. Why? The person who made that statement could believe some of the many myths about bisexuals, such as they can never be faithful to one person, that they will always be longing for the other sex or that bisexuals are promiscuous.
Bi-invisibility is also a form of bi-phobia. If you're dating a same-sex person, you're assumed to be gay, dating opposite, you're assumed to be straight. Even if you come out as bi, people assume you're really one way or the other. Or you just call yourself bi because its trendy or because you haven't made up your mind. All of these are examples of bi-phobia.

Thinking that bisexuals bring STDs and AIDS to the lesbian community is a form of bi-phobia. Using slurs like "fence-sitter" and "AC/DC" about bisexuals is bi-phobia.

Bisexual erasure is rampant. We're gay when we have same-sex partners, straight when we have opposite-sex ones. (Yet, oddly, neither gay nor straight people become asexual when single). As soon as a previously thought-of as "straight" celebrity has come out as bi and they're then seen with someone of the same-sex, it's described as a "gay fling" or they've got a "lesbian crush".

But as bisexuals bi people face biphobia too, both from people that are homophobic and from ones who aren't. It's possible to be biphobic without being homophobic, as sayings like "you're either straight, gay or lying" make clear.

Biphobic attitudes from gay and lesbian people have made many bisexuals unwilling to come out to them, preferring to remain 'under the radar' and pass as lesbian or gay in just the same way that other people pass as 'straight'.

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Peace and tolerance


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A.C. Jarvis said...

Bwoi mi guilty. Well not so much anymore. I used to be biphobic, usually thinking along the myths above. Then I met some nice bisexual met and some even nicer bisexual women and realised that I was being quite unfair to a person based on myths rather than getting to know them. However the comment that bisexuals bring HIV/AIDS into the lesbian community isn't necessarily false, I guess its just a matter of how you say it so as not to come across as derogatory. I'm still weary of bisexuals based myth #4, and quite honestly I am not comfortable knowing that me and another man are sharing that body yuck. There really are those that are promiscuous, but then again we have gays and lesbians and straights who are as promiscuous as or even more than bisexuals. But I guess the better ones are hiding somewhere, we need them to come forward to help dispel the myths.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit biphobic, I guess.

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